Витас и Тан Цянь - тибетское плато

Витас и Тан Цянь - тибетское плато

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Текст песни Витас и Тан Цянь – Тибетское плато

The last pure land on the Earth
The most amazing plateau in the world and the angelic voice of VITAS.

Who brought the call from immemorial age
Who left the wish for thousands of years
Still,there are songs without words,
With the ancient love which never lose.
So many mountains in my vision
One by one,they chains to the horizon
Yah La So,it is my Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Who gazes at the blue sky day and night
Who thirsts for the eternal dream and life
Still,there are sounds of paean
With the dignified spirits which never die.
So many mountains before my eyes
One by one, they chains to the sky
Yah La So,It is my Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


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